San Francisco: The City of Saints

In the Beginning...

Some Points to Ponder

For eons the war has raged. Both sides every struggling for domination. The celestials of Heaven selflessly devoted to God's will, battling the selfishness of the infernal courts of Hell.

When Lucifer claimed one-third of the Heavenly host, he did more than just start a rebellion against God, he was proclaiming the worship of the self was more grand than the devotion to a distant, self-righteous being. Of course, the Host finds fault in this, selflessly serving the Creator in all His glory.

Now, however, in the city of San Francisco, the war seems to be nearing an end of millenia of stalemate. Even the ethereals of the Marches are taking an interest, wondering if it will be safe to return to the earth and walk amongst their human worshippers and claim the vast amounts of essence which once flowed so freely but now is a mere trickle.

The War between Heaven and Hell rages on Earth. Battles for the Symphony that is the Universe rings in in its stable melody or disturbing rhythms as the Choirs of Angels and Bands of Demons sing their own Songs and Resonate their own cords and deeds into the tapestry of the World.
This is the World of In Nomine. A game of Modern Battles between Heaven and Hell.
A brief definition of terms and game aspects.

The universe is called the Symphony, types of Angels are Choirs, types Demons are called Bands. Skills which alter the Symphony are called Songs. You can play a human, soldier of the celestials, undead, or celestial (Angel/Demon). Each player in the Celestial War serves a Superior, a Prince of Hell or an Archangel of Heaven. Soldiers are humans that are aware of the truth of the symphony. They have some advantages that angels and demons do not, they can kill and harm other humans without causing disturbances in the symphony other celestials, can detect but lack the power of celestials.

Each Choir of Angel and Band of Demon has a particular trick that they can do that they get away with without causing disturbances in the symphony called Resonances.

Celestials fight the war in order to further their side and in hopes to better serve their cause (angels) or gain more power for themselves (demons), by gaining a Word. Each Superior is attuned to a specific Word. Since not all Words are created equal competition for powerful words is fierce.
Seraphim: The most Holy: High Choir of Angels, they have the ability to tell when people are lying. Their sort of distant since they exist further from humans then other angels. Their leaders, in Heaven's hiarchy among equally ranked angels of other Choirs the Seraphim is the last word on a subject.

Cherubim: The Guardians: The knights in shining armor to the Seraphim Nobility. Devoted protectors, their resonance is to attune themselves with something or someone and know its Location and condition. As long as he's attuned to something he is its guardian, damage/harm to a charge causes dissonance.

Ofanim: The Wheels: Always in motion, slightly manic, these are the engines of Heavens forces. Resonance: They always know the best way to get from one place to another. Always with the urge to move it is dissonant for them to be held prisoner and still.

Elohim: The Powers: Expressions of balance, they understand peoples motives and emotional states, they are equally at home in bars and brothels as libraries and diplomatic embassies. They don't judge. They gain dissonance from imposing their own subjective views on the symphony rather then staying objective.

Malakim: The Virtues: Malakim embody the purity of Heaven's honor and swiftness of its wrath. Their resonance is to know the most noble or ignoble things a subject has recently done. Also, being heaven's warriors are used to dying on the Corporeal plane and so suffer no trauma time (a period of inactivity when they die on Earth). They also can never fall. Dissonance or discord in a Malakim can be severely punished. Malakim gain dissonance by dishonor. They;d rather die then have someone believe they shirked their responsibilities. Malakim must take no fewer then four oaths based on their personal views. (breaking these cause dissonance) 2 constants are Never suffer Evil to Live when he has a choice and Never surrender in a fight nor allow themselves to be captured by the forces of Lucifer.

Kyriotates: The Dominations: The second least divine choir
are also the most fundamentally alien. They don't get vessels of their own on earth they must possess other people, and more over they can possess multiple people at once. They gain dissonance when they leave their hosts worse off (in poorer health) then when they got them. (Their odd and I suggest waiting till I can link you the book to learn more about them)

Mercurians: Friends of Man: From divine diplomats to heavenly socialites Murcurians are the developers of politics and the arbiters of taste bringing
the discipline of the abstract structures to the corporeal realm. Their resonance is they can walk in a room and grasp the relationships at work intuitively (whose in control whose submissive etc)(family, work, friends etc.)


Blandine- Archangel of Dreams: good dreams and the better parts of the dream realms

David- Archangeal of Stone:

Dominic- Archangel of Judgement- Heavens inquisition on keeping its ranks in line (also one of the reasons Malakim are always caught before given a chance to fall)

Eli- Archangel of Creation- kinda lax and absentee

Gabriel- Archangel of Fire- Maybe insane, had a falling out with Dominic and Laurence. Punishes the cruel

Janus- Archangel of the Wind- The winds of change, also has a tendency to steal or deface things in its motion to cuproot the world.

Jean- Archangel of Lightning- Above acual lighting also includes technology.

Jordi Archangel of Animals (also most against humans since their killing and destroying animals)

Lauernce- Archangel of the sword (Leader of heavens Army)

Marc- Archangel of Trade

Michael Archangel of War- More about individual warriors then armies he doesn't lead God's army but does have some of Heaven's greatest fighters in his ranks.

Novalis Archangel of Flowers (think the hippy archangel)- Archangel of peace and actual flowers

Yves Archangel of Destiny- people achieving the best they are or the genuine good is Destiny and Yves servents help them achieve it while avoiding the evils of their fates.


Balseraphs- The demonic counterpoint to the Seraphim, they are able to force their lies to be accepted as Truth. It is dissonant for them to be caught in a lie.

Djin- Demonic counterparts to the Cherabim, they stalk and torment their charges, they gain dissonance when They harm their charges (ang some other rules I have to read later)

Calabim- The Destroyers- fallen Ophanim- they externalize their motion into entropy, they can use their resonance to destroy things, they gain dissonance when they fail to destroy what their trying to break with their resonance.

Habbalah: The Publishers: They are obsessed with punishing those they consider weak. In the face of overwhelming evidence against it, they believe they work directly for god and are angels in the middle of demons. From fallen Elohim they can tell what people are feeling but also know what emotion would do that person the most harm and can unleash it in the person. They gain dissonance if a person resists their resonance.

Lilim: The Tempters: Created by the Princess of Freedom they have no angelic equivalent, their resonance is to tell what people need and after supplying it force a 'favor' out of their victims. They can redeem (called 'Bright Lilim') but they always start in hell.

Shedim: The Corrupters: Demonic equivalent to the Kyriotates. I can point you to a few movies to know about these guys (the Movie Fallen with Denzel Washington, or Tales from the Crypt Blood Knight are most relevant). They can only possess 1 person and each day their in their host they must get that person to do ever increasing evils and sins. They gain dissonance each day they don't further this ever increase decline of morals and descent into sin.

Impudites: the Takers: Fallen Mercurians they are charmers and love humanity just like Mercurians. Their resonance allows them to charm and steal away essence (fuel for souls and the Symphony. More in the game info about this). Personally killing a human through action or inaction causes dissonence.

Demon Princes:

Andrealphus- Prince of Lust- His followers seek to inspire people to indulge all their selfish carnal delights.

Asmodeus- Prince of the game (hells secret police, equivalent to Dominic in heaven)

Baal Prince of War- Darker parts of war Baal champions hells side in the Celestial war

Beleth Princess of Nightmares (dark equivalent to Blandine)

Belial Prince of Fire- The destructive harmful elements of fire are what Belials brood promotes.

Haagenti- Prince of Gluttony- consumption for the sake of consumption, eating for no other reason to eat, and doing it in excess.

Kobal Prince of Dark Humor- Tragedy is cutting your finger, Comedy is falling though an open sewer grate and dying.

Kronos- Prince of Fate- Dragging somone from the high ground, making them feed their darker impulses and become as evil as they can be. This is the goal of Kronos's followers.

Malphas Prince of Factions- Arguments, Political divisions, breaches in communication help factions to become more and more divided and less and less cooperative. and feed this Princes power.

Nybbas Prince of the Media

Saminga Prince of Death- Death should be feared, because it can only be the beginning of so much more. Also the demon prince who can create undead.

Valefor Prince of Theft

Vapula Prince of Technology- Technology breeds selfish want for easier lazyier lives and more effective methods to death.

Lilith Princess of Freedom (but you can't serve her since she doesn't have servitors). Lilim may choose to owe Lilith 9 favors and be "Free Lilim" rather then be bound to a Prince.

Each Archangel and Prince that has servitors gives special Choir/Band Attunements to their followers that allow them a little extra bonus to serve their particular word as well. Plus you can gain Servitor attunments or other benefits to serve your superior and then their are powers applied to ranks as your character is promoted through ranks to the Superior

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