Character Creation



Corporeal: Strength: Agility:
Ethereal: Intelligence: Precision:
Celestial: Will: Perception:

Vessel: Status: Role:







Step I
  Choose Heaven or Hell

Step II
  Choose Choir/Band

Step III
  Choose Archangel/Prince which will also determine Word.

Step IV
  Allocate Forces. Celestials are allowed to begin with 9 forces divided between Corporeal, Ethereal and Celestial. However, there are celestials with fewer forces. They are not full angels and demons. They must have at least one force in Celestial.

Step V
  Allocate Attributes. Multiply each realm by four and allocate that many points into the two attributes governed by that realm. For example, if you have 2 Corporeal forces, you would have 8 points to divide between Strength and Agility. You must have a minimum of 1 in each attribute.

Step VI
  Resources. This is the hard part so it will be further divided.
  A) Vessels. The vessel is the celestial's body. Anything can be a vessel. Humans, dogs, cats, birds, anything alive can be a vessel. Each vessel is rated 1-6 with six being the most hardy. Each level costs 3 points. You can have as many vessels as you can purchase.
  B) Roles. Roles are how you appear more "human" to the Symphony. Anytime you do something as part of your role that would otherwise cause a disturbance in the Symphony, the level of your role is subtracted from the disturbance. Angels in the role of cop would have the disturbance damped if they shot someone while on duty. Each role must have Status, again noted 1-6 with 1 being someone hardly worth noting and six being a wealthy or famous person. Roles cost level of role times status divided by two. So a level 4 Role with 6 Status would cost 12 points.
  C) Skills. Each skill costs one point per level. Maximum of six levels per skill.
  D) Songs. Same as Skills. Songs are essentially "spells" for the layperson.



Corporeal: Strength: Agility:
Ethereal: Intelligence: Precision:
Celestial: Will: Perception:

Status: Role:



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